Raft free full download multiplayer online

Download Raft multiplayer online free full crack, cracked PC. Game Raft free download via link Google Drive, One Drive, Direct Link, Torrent for PC with quicker interface download free. You will start alone or friends on the middle of the open sea with your mission to survive in an epic ocean adventure across treacherous waters! You will start collecting trash from the sea to survive and build your raft, expand your raft and watch out for the dangerous ocean!

Raft free full download multiplayer online
Raft free full download multiplayer online
Raft free full download multiplayer online
Raft free full download multiplayer online

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Raft free download

Game overview

Raft free cracked

Alone or with friends(Multiplayer), your main goal is to get by on a legendary sea experience across misleading waters! Gather junk to get by, grow your pontoon and watch out for peril Ocean!

Pontoon Multiplayer online with companion download

Caught on a little pontoon with only an old plastic snare, the player awakens in a goliath blue sea isolated and without land! A dry throat and an unfilled stomach, Surviving will not be simple!

Pontoon takes you and your companions on a legendary experience across the high oceans to get by, assemble assets, and fabricate yourself a commendable boat Survival.

Assets are difficult to come by adrift: players should get any drifting flotsam and jetsam with their handy dandy snare and, whenever the situation allows, uncover reefs under the waves and islands above.

Notwithstanding, thirst and craving aren't the main risks in that frame of mind of people.

By eating not entirely set in stone to complete its excursion!


  • Multiplayer! Endure alone or with companions in multiplayer center!
  • Snare! Utilize the hooking snare to find passing flotsam and jetsam.
  • Creates! Construct endurance gear, weapons, yields and more to make due!
  • Construct! Divert your pontoon from a straightforward wreck into a drifting house.
  • Research! Learn new things to create in the exploration board.
  • Explore! Get on a pontoon to new areas!
  • Plunge! Moor and investigate the profundities to track down additional assets.
  • Battle! Shield your pontoon from the risks of the sea.

Buyer reviews

In the splendid time of the Survival game, all rivalry must be painstakingly viewed as by the producers, and we can't resist the urge to make reference to the Raft game.

Entering the game market with the primary thing, Redbeet didn't expect that they would work on to such an extent. Followed through on May 23, 2018, under a month, yet Raft has drawn in near 20,000 players. Most prominently, the quantity of perspectives on Twitch has soar as of late. The accomplishment of 8000 is the biggest number recorded by Steam Stats.

Barge suggests what can measure up to an "examination float" and, with regards to its name, this game brings players and partners into an immense marine world. There they will gather materials from fundamental to complex to workmanship, create and acquire in ruthless nature. Sharks will be foes en route. Tossed into the water, he will show up, without significant weapons, the cost to pay is exceptionally high.

Pontoon's intelligence is a ton like Minecraft, to persevere through you want to investigate food and water. With regards to shorewards, the issue is as a matter of fact significantly more convoluted than coming shorewards. Prior to beginning the game, the player will be furnished with a little float made of wood and plastic boards, and a fishing snare for which they can alternatively gather things. Accepting you want some speed, you can bounce into the blue sea to get it and afterward return to the float, yet be careful with sharks and get lost. While revolving around in the sea, giving the body to the shark is self-evident.

In the sea, fish can be gotten, on occasion an island appears, food and regular item can in like manner be accumulated. However, "water" is something completely different. Making a glass, essentially getting together sea water to drink, the faster you pass on. As science has said, you can leave sustenance for a seriously prolonged stretch of time, yet not water. So gamers ought to zero in on making straightforward machines to cook seawater into drinking water. Of course make hatchets to slash down coconut trees, coconuts basically add water and fight hunger.

Perseverance is just the beginning in the game, engaging against nature and it is really amusing to research the new world. Whenever you've become familiar with the hob, and the water holder on the barge, the accompanying stage is to show the shark a new thing. Been messing around adequately lengthy, it's the best an open door for us to guard ourselves before things go unreasonably far. That is, as well as biting people, sharks moreover eat your barge, tragically chewing into where you put critical things, all of your undertakings will be wasted. Be careful of them.

The element of the game lies in the gathering play mode, when the work is divided, a gathering coordinating will be lighter and permitted to search for new horizons, while playing alone consumes the vast majority of the day. Make a swimsuit, dive into the far off sea for things or rummage through the undesirable heaps of some shocking setback. At times there is even a colossal abandoned structure on the sea.

Right when the workmanship shows up at the radar, place them in a reasonable position, "This wilderness rec center is yours". Clearly, you really want to change that copra barge into a significant boat first, then, consider presenting full development. Radar in blend in with sails and rudders will help players pulling out nearer speedier and even more unequivocally with present-day advancements. A spot that can bring perpetual important things.

Additionally, the Radar is seen as a final plan thing in the game. Since it will guide you to the island of Utopia, which is stacked with present day equipment, radio waves, helipads, etc The key individual will be saved, completing his days afloat. Clearly, you will continue to play and make whatever amount of you like, yet that is the completion of the game's plot. Like when you kill the Ender winged snake in Minecraft.

Every step of the way Raft has all the earmarks of being clear, like a game for youngsters, yet if kids play, eradicate the game following 5 minutes. So don't condemn the appearance, actually the game is exceptionally inconvenient, requires industriousness and crazy creative mind. Collaboration is furthermore imperative in the game, if you have a horrendous day, find a ton of allies to go to Raft to play and you will find a few pleasant minutes.

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Information game

  • Name: RAFT
  • Genre: Adventure, Survival, Simulation, Indie, Online, Multiplayer,...
  • Developer: Axolot Games
  • Published: Axolot Games
  • Release date: 24 May 2018

Notice download and setup

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  2. Crack if needed
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  4. Add this game on STEAM (If you wanna play multiplayer)


Link Google Drive:
Download.RAFT_vALL (Multiplayer)


Responsive configuration:

  • OS: Windows 7-10 (64 bit)
  • Processor: 2nd generation Core i3 or higher
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 500 or higher
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 6 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: DirectX 10 or higher